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Purdue University Inspire Choice Award! Purdue University INSPIRE! Gift Guide Engineering Toys

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Our Mini Unit Beams Builder Sets hit the spot when it comes to inspiring creativity, encouraging STEM learning and engaging kids in engineering thinking and design. How can we be so sure? Earlier this month, the Mini Unit Beams Crane Builder Set and the Mini Unit Beam Bridge Builder Set received seals of approval from none other than Purdue University’s engineering research institute, INSPIRE!


A leader in engineering education, INSPIRE has just released its annual Engineering gift guide, which identifies STEM learning toys, games, books and applications that successfully promote engineering thinking and design in girls and boys age 3-18. The not-for-profit, no-hidden-agenda guide is the ultimate go-to for educators and parents of students interested in STEM and, particularly, in engineering.



All toys, games and books included in the guide go through a rigorous review process, according to INSPIRE. Submissions are reviewed by INSPIRE’s team, outside engineering/STEM experts, parents and children, in the lab, in homes and at events. Gifts receive feedback about whether or not they promote engineering thinking and design, and are rated on their value, fun factor, potential for educational impact, and usability.


Did we mention our Mini Unit Bricks received seals of approval too? Perfect for little hands, our lauded unit bricks, which are at play in thousands of schools and homes across the globe, received INSPIRE’s recommendation for its design and ability to promote spatial reasoning.


If you’re looking for the ultimate STEM gift for your child, young or old, head over to unitbricks.com. Trusted by the world’s leading educators, our construction toys will take your child’s enthusiasm, creativity and love for learning to a whole new level.




November 05, 2018 by Asya Egunova-Stuart
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