We like architecture and engineering. And ours is a family of builders always making something together—whether its a sailboat, a toy model or renovating a house. We got a kick out of watching our kids start building with blocks. Their interest grew from simple stacking and categorizing to later spending hours constructing a moat-surrounded castle and telling us about their secret village. We watched exciting problem solving, interaction, cognitive growth and story telling with our kids in block play.

But most blocks we found in stores lacked something. Either they were too light, too big, lacked interesting shapes, were made with noxious varnishes or just outrageously expensive. This got us thinking. What if we could create an affordable, multi-sensory, sustainably-made and durable unit block set? So we did! Five years of research, development and testing with educators, we've created Unit Bricks, Unit Rocks and Unit Beams. A complete system to inspire tomorrows engineers and architects.  A high quality, educational construction toy. Already at work in schools across the United States and Europe, the precision designed size, shape, weight and feel of Unit Bricks has ignited kids’ creativity and set the stage for intellectual and cognitive development. Join us in taking an active role in kids’ development by equipping your home or classroom with Unit Bricks.

100% Earth Friendly Play: Unit Bricks are made of 100% sustainably grown wood. And by using the entire tree, roots and all—we strive to produce environmentally friendly products by reducing energy usage during production and creating minimal waste. When used, we only use organic water-based color and non-formaldehyde glue. Unit Bricks contain zero plastics and are completely non-toxic.  Our Standard Unit Bricks and Unit Rocks are 100% sustainably grown solid wood. Our mini Unit Bricks are made from "Planwood" (HDF). Unit Bricks are the best blocks available.

Play-based Education: Playing with Unit Bricks promotes social interaction and builds physical skill, sparks creativity and stimulates intellectual thinking, laying strong foundations in math and science-related problem solving. Of course, all children know is that they love to build. Thats what we do as humans, we build.

Heirloom play: Unit Bricks brings grandparents, parents and children together to share play. Our durable design is intended to last lifetimes, these are bricks you can pass down for generations.


So that’s the Unit Bricks story – A dream built brick by brick.

With Unit Bricks you can truly build the world around you!

Keep building.