Mini Unit Beams STEM kits are an engaging and challenging dynamic engineering building experience. A hands-on, interactive way to introduce students to the world of physics, construction, engineering, and design. Mini Unit Beams is an open-ended set of scaled building beams (I-Beams) and wooden blocks that can be used to create an endless variety of structures: arches, towers, cable/suspension bridges, trusses, domes, cranes, and skyscrapers… Each beam is made of sturdy, recyclable plastic and is designed to snap together with friction fittings, allowing students to experiment and adapt quickly. Mini Unit Beams are highly versatile making them a great choice for a wide range of activities and projects. 

Skills learned with Mini Unit Beams

Each building set is a fun and interactive way to learn about the history and architecture of iconic monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, or Brooklyn Bridge. This encourages students to learn about the various architectural styles and design techniques used in different parts of the world, as well as the historical and cultural contexts that shaped their designs.

  • Teamwork and Complex Communication

When children work together to design and build structures, they learn how to communicate effectively and work towards a common goal. They learn to listen to each other's ideas, share responsibilities, persuade, explain, and delegate tasks.

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking through iteration 

Children are presented with open-ended challenges, and they must use their critical thinking and creativity to come up with solutions. As they encounter obstacles, they learn to evaluate different approaches, adapt their strategies, and persevere through setbacks. Students learn to solve problems for which there are no routine solutions. 

  • Spatial awareness and STEM skills

Students learn to visualize and manipulate 3D objects and develop an understanding of geometry, physics, and engineering principles. As they design and build structures, they learn how to measure, cut, and connect different pieces, developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 


To support after-school STEM programs, we have developed a range of lesson plans that can be easily tailored to meet your specific program needs and goals. Our afterschool classes were developed along with students and the faculty at Lantau International School in Hong Kong. We would like to bring a truly enjoyable, memorable, and engaging learning experience to your school. 

Mini Unit Beams Cranes Builder Set (178 pieces)

Mini Unit Beams Bridges Builder Set (620 pieces)

Mini Unit Beams Eiffel Tower Set (470 pieces)




Awards and Recognition

  • Adopted system-wide Bakersfield School District afterschool program, 2023
  • Purdue University INSPIRE Best Choice Award, 2018
  • Nürnberg Spielwarenmesse Best STEAM Kidult Toy, 2019
  • American Specialty Toy Retailing Association finalist for Best Building Toy, 2021
  • Best STEM toy, 2022 Huffington Post
  • Used in Graduate level classes at the University of Maryland 
  • Seen in CNN Money, Elle Decor, The Financial Times