Get Ready and Set to Play


Get ready and set to play: You did your homework and now are in possession of a set of blocks, not just any blocks, but Unit Bricks— specially designed to aid kids’ learning and development. Give yourself a pat on the back and check the most important step off your list. But what to do with that stack of objects sitting on the floor? We’ll walk you through how to get properly set up so kids can put their block set to the best use and be on their way to building structures of their dreams!

1. Aside from the tools children use during play, their environment is of supreme importance. This means creating a clutter-free space for children to then make as big of a mess as they want. Breathe deeply—no paint is involved, just blocks.

2. Survey the space: if it’s a classroom, no more than seven children should occupy a 10 ft by 12 ft space. If the playspace is a living room, make sure your favorite chaise lounge is out of the way and at least 8 ft by 10 ft of space is clear.

3. As far as surfaces to build go, the firmer the floor the better, but as long as children have a flat and semi-hard surface any wood, carpet or tile will do.

4. We are minimalists (if you can’t tell from the simplicity of our Unit Bricks) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t allow other toys to co-mingle with our blocks. Figurines, cars, planes, trains, traffic signs and animals are more than welcome and can find wonderful homes within block structures. While accessorizing the block set, bear in mind blocks are still the main focus of play, but certain accessory toys do help to simulate real world situations and encourage storytelling.

Well done! You are about to have a seriously awesome block play situation going on.
May 16, 2018 by Asya Egunova-Stuart
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