100 Piece Large Unit Rocks Set


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Building is a blast with our 100-piece Unit Rocks set. Castles and forts resemble real structures thanks to our Unit Rocks’ unique design. Perfect to handle, each piece is built to the same size and standard of our traditional bricks, made from solid wood, with hand-carved grooves and finished in all organic dye. Every Unit Rock is hand finished giving a unique antique feel of stones that have weathered a long history. Truly a gorgeous educational toy. 

With a range of units, half units, pillars, triangles and arches, our Unit Rocks are a great standalone set to foster STEM-led play and exploration, and make an excellent addition to traditional Unit Bricks sets in the larger playroom or class setting. Imaginations leap as buildings take shape with Unit Rocks.

Each 100 piece set includes: 16 Half Units, 18 Units, 6 Half Pillars, 4 Pillars, 4 Half Columns, 2 Columns, 2 Gothic Arches, 2 Buttresses, 4 Corners, 2 Roman Arches, 4 Half Circles, 4 Quarter Circles, 2 Circle Curves, 4 Small Triangles, 4 Large Triangles, 4 Triangle Roofs, 4 Thin Quarter Units, 10 Thin Half Units, 4 Thin Units. Built to the scale recommended by childcare expert Caroline Pratt, our standard Unit Brick measures 140x70x35mm.

  • Beautiful and built to last heirloom quality
  • Hand-carved textured wood is tactile and weighted to suit children’s developmental and cognitive needs
  • Architectural shapes promotes wide exploration of weight, balance, measures and forces, and lay good foundation for mathematic learning
  • Develops fine, small and gross motor skills
  • Encourages design, creativity, planning and big thinking
  • Suited to solo or collaborative building
  • Fits with your home or school’s existing block collections
  • Natural appearance mimics real life bricks
  • 18 months +


  • Designed in the USA, made in Thailand
  • Made from solid hard wood and 100% earth-friendly. All natural and organically dyed
  • All Unit Bricks products conform to major international safety requirements for toys (ASTM,CPSIA, EN71)
  • Eco-friendly card box packaging
  • Total weight is 12.5kg.

Unit Rocks introduces a world of building possibilities in one set. A true heirloom toy created to be played together and passed down through generations.